So Christmas is here and so is my flash movie. It took a long time to make so I hope the effort was worth it. :)

I hope you all have gotten great presents under your tree! Happy Holidays!

Christmas Flash 2008 Submitted!

Pirate Songs Flash Commercial

2008-02-14 23:43:43 by DarkenedDecay

On February 16th, 2008, I will be submitting my first flash work on Newgrounds. I've done flash movies before, but this is the first I've actually completed making it a mark in my own personal time line of animation. It's not exactly a long flash movie, but as a commercial it's a good length, minute and a half.

Anyway, as any other flash artist would, hope it makes the front page! Oh and here's a promotional picture of it in the mean time.

Pirate Songs Flash Commercial

My Newgrounds Account is Born

2008-02-13 20:24:42 by DarkenedDecay

Hello my name is Alex, usually I go by the name "Deathinator" but some lad on this website has the name already! Anyway my flash movies might have the signature to "D-Nator" for that reason.

I have a DeviantArt Account presenting my artwork and flash videos I deemed either not good enough for Newgrounds or just didn't feel like it (Procrastination?)

I am 18 years old, born on September 11, live my life in the United States... what more is there to really know? Are you all trying to interrogate me?! Gasp! I don't wanna be stalked! You were thinking it! *Runs away*